Your Roadmap to Market Movement

Trading today’s markets, including futures, Forex, stocks or even options, can be a challenging and overwhelming endeavor. Consistent profitability requires the foresight to identify key price levels that act as support and resistance where you can enter low risk, high reward trades with well defined stops and price targets.

How would your trading improve if you had a roadmap of where the markets are likely to go on virtually any timeframe? Where is the lowest risk trade entry and what is a potential price target? At what level should a stop be placed? Where are markets likely to pause or consolidate as price approaches a target?

By harnessing the power of Fibonacci price analysis, we developed trading tools that help provide insight into these questions. The tools provide a roadmap of potential reversal zones or levels where the trend may resume after a pullback. These zones or levels can be added or removed with a couple of mouse clicks from an intuitive user interface with numerous display options.

FocalPoint tools allow you to:

  • Add or remove key zones and Fibonacci extension, retracement and expansion levels from one or more timeframes on a single chart.
  • Pinpoint trade entries where key zones converge from multiple swings and timeframes.
  • Identify low risk, high reward trades well in advance instead of relying on lagging technical indicators allowing you to focus on your entry at the appropriate time.
  • Keep charts uncluttered and turn Fibonacci levels on and off quickly and easily

Some key features of our powerful trading tools include:

  • Use as a standalone toolset, or in conjunction with other trading tools, indicators or systems.
  • Ideal for all trading styles - intraday, swing and position.
  • Works on virtually any chart type, timeframe or market.

Our software and tools have been designed by experienced traders for traders with one goal in mind: provide the edge needed to identify significant price levels and trade in harmony with the professional side of the market.

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